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On-line DEMO

Welcome to AAP R/4 (R) - Accounting Professional Software Demonstration.

Choose one of the demos below, to enlighten yourself on the powess of our AAP R/4 (R) Accounting Professional.

If you want to have a good and complete demo, simply ensure that your computer is multimedia capable; with VGA capable graphics card, sound card and speakers...

Run the demo now by clicking the 'Play Demo' images next to corresponding demo, maximize your browser by pressing the F11 to get the astounding effect. It is intentionally compiled with 256 colours and it comes with audio narration.

Loading Time

ssphere_r.gif 4 secs (if accessed with broadband >356K)
ssphere_r.gif 12 secs (if accessed with 56K)
ssphere_r.gif 11 secs (if accessed with 128K)


Brief Tour

ssphere_g.gif Brief Tour playbutton.gif ssphere_g.gif Brief Tour (No Voice)playbutton.gif

The Brief Tour demo will clearly shows you how simple and yet powerful the software is.
( Duration: 12 Mins 42 Secs )


Customer Invoices
ssphere_g.gif Customer Invoices playbutton.gif
The Customer Invoices demo will show you how easily Customer Invoices can be prepared and printed.
( Duration: 11 Mins 14 Secs )


Customer Quotations
ssphere_g.gif Customer Quotations playbutton.gif
The Customer Quotations demo will show you how easily a Customer Quotations can be prepared and printed.
( Duration: 6 Mins 59 Secs )


Customer Receipts
ssphere_g.gif Customer Receipts playbutton.gif
This brief demo will give you a some idea on how the Customer Receipts is being entered into the Accounting System.
( Duration: 5 Mins 30 Secs )


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